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If you are embarking on a new build, extension, a low energy or eco build project, then we are the design and build partner who shares your enthusiasm. A small specialist firm, we are motivated by quality not quantity, providing you with the expert and individual support needed to take your ideas collaboratively from early design concepts through energy efficient construction to dream home, sustainable studio or eco extension.

We deliver long-lasting, low-maintenance and contemporary buildings that take the sting out of rising energy prices and minimize the long-term cost of running a home. We can evaluate and install a full range of renewable energy systems, including Solar PV and mechanical heat recovery systems (MVHR). We build energy efficient, timber frame homes, but also have the skills needed to work with all traditional materials and techniques as well as prefabricated wall panels, hemcrete and other high tech environmental building solutions.

Above all we strive to create an enjoyable experience. Ideas, energy, expertise and empathy are all a standard part of the service. We operate to the highest standards but are practical in our recommendations, working to deliver the best eco build solutions for the things that matter to you. At any one time we commit to only one or two projects, so you are guaranteed our undivided attention and the peace of mind gained from working with a consistent and reliable team. You’ll find us supportive of you and considerate of your neighbours. And, although we consistently exceed building regulations we won’t overstep on your budget, delivering all that we do at pre-agreed costs.