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Greenheart have a team dedicated to fitting high quality MVHR systems.

We fit MVHR systems into our own projects and, as a sub contractor, in other new build projects.

We believe that if you’re going for MVHR it’s worth spending a bit more on a high quality system, and that the ducting for your Heat Recovery System should be as important as the structure of the house.  Once buried in the walls and ceilings it cannot be easily accessed for decades.

We prefer working with rigid Lindab steel ducting and high quality, Passivhaus certified MVHR units.

This approach ensures the MVHR system does what you expect:

  • Silent – so quiet most people are not aware of it
  • High efficiency – minimising any ‘cold draught feeling’
  • Stays balanced
  • Long-lasting
  • Maximum efficiency – minimising energy bills


The design of your MVHR system is critical if it’s going to meet your needs. Greenheart can do this in-house or in conjunction with the Green Building Store who are the leading Passivhaus MVHR supplier in the UK.

For further information or an estimate please contact us