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Passive House

Greenheart are the only company in the South West who offer the complete package of PHPP (Passive House Planning Package) and Design & Build.. read more


Greenheart are the South West Regional Installer of WARMCEL cellulose insulation for Penycoed Warmcel. We can install WARMCEL insulation for new timber frame structures and existing lofts.. read more


Greenheart have a team dedicated to fitting high quality MVHR systems. We fit MVHR systems into our own projects and, as a sub contractor, in other new-build projects… read more

Timber Frame

Greenheart have over 20 years experience of building modern timber frames.  If you require the structural timber frame element of a house for you or your builder to finish off, we can provide it… read more


Greenheart have a long history of building airtight structures and have gained great knowledge and experience along the way. We have the skilled staff to be confident of providing the level of air tightness… read more

Design & consultancy

We can offer a full design and build package, to include: planning, detailed design, energy assessment, and mechanical and electrical (M & E) requirements. Smaller projects are designed in-house and larger ones in association with S2 Design and Piers Sadler Consulting